Endowed Funds

The following Endowed Funds provide scholarship support according to distribution guidelines. Additional unrestricted funding can also support these scholarships. Our goal is to distribute 5% of the Total Market Value of each fund annually, which may vary depending on market conditions.

Awards range from $500 to $4,000.

Contact Robert Burns for more information: edirector@tuckerfoundation.net

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High school seniors, students attending technical schools, Tucker County students attending a Christian elementary, middle or high school or being home schooled employing Christian educational principles and values, college students and other non-traditional students (e.g. adults returning to school) are encouraged to apply regardless of their field of study.
Service Area

Service Area

Barbour, Grant, Mineral, Pocahontas, Preston, Randolph, Tucker in West Virginia. Garrett County, Maryland.
 Endowed Scholarship FundsPurposeCounty ServedMarket Value
1Dr. Mary Alice Klein Scholarship FundStudents planning a career in educationFull Service Area $39,031
2Enos, Delbert H. & Shirley Carr Scholarship FundWVU, Marshall, or D&E College studentsFull Service Area $29,094
3Forrest G. Clark Scholarship Fund
TCHS studentsTucker $8,434
4Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarship Fund Family member of Davis FOE Tucker $28,582
5Gary E. Wilson FundTucker County resident attending a Christian elementary, middle or high schoolTucker $12,650
6George W. & Marjorie H. Walburn Memorial FundEducational opportunities for Tucker county residents (alternates as a grant every other year)Tucker $16,402
7H. Max Price Scholarship FundTraditional or non-traditional students attending a trade schoolFull Service Area $58,560
8Harry & Elizabeth Boyce Scholarship FundTCHS seniors to further their educationTucker $36,227
9Herbert W. Clarkson Scholarship Fund TCHS senior to attend a WV collegeTucker $28,920
10Joseph R. Steffl Scholarship FundSeniors from Pocahontas & Randolph Co. attending a WV collegeRandolph & Pocahontas $32,176
11Joyce Colbert Veterinary Scholarship FundFor Students pursing a degree in Veterinary MedicineGarrett, MD, Preston, Tucker $37,173
12Kline, Evans, Allison FundFor students from graduating in the current Union High School service areaGrant $23,114
13Lindsey & Addie Reed Scholarship FundWVU undergraduate agricultural students Full Service Area $37,370
14Madeline R. & Lester E. Miller ScholarshipTucker or Petersburg High School graduateTucker & Grant $7,243
15Margaret Ann & James A. Grafton Fund TCHS / PBHS students entering WVU nursing or forestry programTucker & Barbour $19,610
16Mark Hutchison / David Cosner ScholarshipRandolph Technical Center seniorRandolph$10,176
17Martha C. Sponaugle Scholarship TCHS graduating seniorTucker $15,022
18Michael Shahan ScholarshipCollege students from St. George, Clover or Licking districtsTucker $33,949
19P.L. & Elizabeth Cook Milkint Scholarship FundTucker or Preston County graduateTucker & Preston $165,731
20Parsons High School Alumni Scholarship Fund Graduating seniors who are descendants of PHS AlumniTucker $50,703
21Preble Scholarship FundTucker graduate (preference given to Geology Majors)Tucker $23,897
22Rebecca Ann Chenoweth Memorial Scholarship FundTCHS students attending a WV collegeTucker $75,184
23Robert W. Minear, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Students planning a career in educationFull Service Area $16,754
24Jillian Roberts/ Tilde Villalobos Millennium Scholarship TCHS graduate with leadership potentialTucker $13,851
25Harold & Ruth F. Shaffer Scholarship Fund TCHS attending WV a college or universityTucker $25,969
26The Orr Family Fund TCHS senior or older student attending collegeTucker$24,198
27W. Denzel & Ernestine A. Kee Scholarship FundCollege bound students from Hambleton, Hendricks or Parsons Tucker $19,607
28Walter & Mary Shaffer Helmick ScholarshipTCHS graduate attending WV college or trade schoolTucker $10,966
29Crimson Shamrock Graduate Scholarship FundPostgraduate college students. Preston & Tucker Garrett County, MD$40,287
30White Grass Cafe Culinary Scholarship Student attending culinary school or cooking education classes WV resident$500 Pass-through scholarship
31Preston High School American Legion Scholarship FundAnnual scholarship for a graduating senior at Preston High School Preston$93,798
32Bradley J. Ramsey Memorial Scholarship FundHelp a graduating senior from Tucker County Tucker$18,489
33Knights of Pythias Brown Lodge #32Help a graduating Preston County High School senior Preston$21,402
34Smith & Patterson Scholarship Pass ThroughPost secondary education in college or trade schoolPass-through Scholarship
35Randall H. Alt Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship for varsity athletes from Petersburg High School that are attending a WV school.Grant





1Citizens National Bank FundUnrestrictedFull Service Area $7,086
2Directors' General FundUnrestrictedFull Service Area $72,252
3H. Dailey & Belva Shaffer Martin FundUnrestrictedFull Service Area $10,415
4Mountain Valley Bank FundUnrestrictedFull Service Area $7,241
5R.W. & Sarah Minear FundUnrestrictedFull Service Area $15,904
6Uncle Sam's Birthday Party FundUnrestrictedFull Service Area$5,904