TYPE OF FUND:  Scholarship                                        DATE ESTABLISHED:  2008

PURPOSE:  To provide assistance to seniors graduating from any high school representing Union District in Grant County and/or Elk District in Mineral County who elects to further their education.  If there are no applications from graduating seniors then the Foundation can consider applications from students (from Union and/or Elk District) who are already enrolled in an accredited school. If there are no applicants from the graduating seniors from either district, the Foundation may consider applications from individuals from the aforementioned districts that are currently enrolled in college. The Fund Advisor requests preference be given to decedents of Ruby Kline Allison and that there be no discrimination between students going to a trade/non-traditional school and a traditional college.

DISTRIBUTION: To be awarded to students upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee and the approval of the TCF Board of Directors.

VARIANCE POWER:  If, in the judgment of the TCF Board of Directors, the restrictions and conditions of the fund become unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community, the TCF Board of Directors maintains the right to modify the terms of this fund.  TCF has exclusive legal control over any contributed assets.

FUNDING:  Ruby Kline Allison and the Blucher F. Allison, Jr. Trust provided the initial funding.

BACKGROUND:  The Kline Evans Allison Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Ralph H. Kline and Blucher F. Allison, Jr.

Ralph Kline was born at Bismarck, WV, October 27, 1923 and died June 30, 1997, as the result of a mining accident.  He was raised on a farm and attained an 8th grade education.  He was the father of two sons, David and Stephen, and one daughter, Linda Kline Evans.  In his lifetime, he worked as a farmer, timber man, inspector of roads and bridges for the state of WV, was a member of a survey crew for Stone & Webster, established Kline’s Boat Docks and Campground (currently dba K&A  Kampground), and also was a heavy equipment shovel operator for Allegheny Mining Corp.  He returned to the classroom at the age of 42 to obtain his GED.

Mr. Allison was born May 17, 1925 in Chevrolet, KY, and died July 17, 1997 from pancreatic cancer.  He graduated from Everts High School in Harlan County, KY, in 1943.  In January 1943 (before he graduated) he enlisted in the Navy, serving aboard the aircraft carrier USC Hancock.  He was also a navigator gunner on a torpedo bomber in the Pacific during WWII.  He was honorably discharged in January 1946 as an airman 3rd class.  Upon discharge from the Navy, he worked 3 years underground in a 3′ high mine.  In 1950, he enrolled in the University of Kentucky, using funds from the GI Bill and worked his way through school.  He graduated with honors, obtaining degrees in Mining and Civil Engineering.  Mr. Allison spent 43 years as a dedicated mining engineer in various mines in WV and KY.   He was the project engineer at Laurel Run Mine for 4 years, and mining superintendent and chief engineer at Mettiki Coal Corp. from 1977 to 1989, when he retired.  In 1978, after marrying Ruby Kline, he joined with her in the continuing operation of K&A Kampground.

“Both these men understood the value of education.  One attended college and the other, realizing the importance of education, obtained his GED at the age of 42.  It is our desire, in honoring the memory of these two wonderful men, to make it possible for someone desiring to further their education, to be able to do so, with the help of our scholarship.  Both of these men would be delighted and honored to know they helped a student attain their dream for the future,” fund advisors said.