<center>Anna Patrick<br>& Uncle Sam</center>

Anna Patrick
& Uncle Sam

A long standing tradition in Canaan Valley, Uncle Sam’s Birthday Party is the Foundation’s annual elimination dinner held at Bear Paw Lodge, Canaan Valley Resort.

The event was started by Dr. Tom Patrick, former President of Tucker Community Foundation (TCF) and a much beloved dentist in the area. He served as an unforgettable and entertaining emcee for many years. The party is a tribute to his memory and a major fundraiser for the foundation.

This year event will celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of Uncle Sam’s Birthday Party. It is scheduled for Friday, June 30th at Bear Paw Lodge, Canaan Valley Resort. Doors open at 5:15 p.m. with Dinner being served at 6:00 p.m. Tickets may be purchased at the Tucker Community Foundation office in Parsons or from any Foundation board member.

Only 249 tickets are sold and each ticket is good for 2 dinners, 1 chance on a $5,000 cash jackpot, other cash prizes and a variety of festive door prizes and special raffle packages.

For questions or more information contact our Parsons office at 304-478-2930 or email, edirector@tuckerfoundation.net.

Click here for a complete list of 2022 Uncle Sam’s Birthday Party Elimination Dinner attendees

2023 Uncle Sam’s Birthday Party Elimination Tickets are sold out at this time. Please call the office if you have any questions.

Purchase your Quilt Tickets online!

We are pre selling tickets for a beautiful 4th of July themed, full-size quilt valued at $500 dollars. You can purchase 1 ticket for $5 or 5 for $20. We will draw a winner at the event.

To purchase your quilt ticket online click the button below. It will bring up a web browser or redirect you do your PayPal app. On this screen you will see Tucker Community Foundation, once there hit send. On the next page, enter the dollar amount you wish to spend on your items and enter into the description or message section what you wish to purchase at that dollar amount. For example – If you typed in $50, please type into the description that you would like to purchase an $50’s worth of quilt ticket, etc.

Contact us with any questions.

Ken Rothschild, Leesburg, VA

Ken Rothschild, Leesburg, VA

"Tom Patrick was our best friend.  He was inspirational  in good health and even more so as he battled ALS.  It's just amazing that this tiny county, rural as it is, has this much capability centered around philanthropy. It says so much about the people here. It's phenomenal. You don't find this camaraderie anywhere else.  This is a big event and the whole aura of this area is rather inspirational for us and what keeps us coming back." 
Donna Patrick, Party Co-Chair

Donna Patrick, Party Co-Chair

"In the early days of the Foundation, the board was struggling to figure out how to pay for the telephone, envelopes and postage. So this party was their general fund raiser.  It's  grown as the foundation has grown. It reaches out to the community. We are very blessed that TCF has such wonderful support."
Chris Stadelman, Thomas, WV

Chris Stadelman, Thomas, WV

"This is one of the biggest events in Tucker County each year.  Folks really enjoy this celebration. People come from all over the state to attend and folks     travel from places like Texas. It really is a special occasion for a great cause. Lots of grants and community support come from the help this event provides."