TCF Service Area

TCF Service Area

Barbour, Grant, Mineral, Pocahontas, Preston, Randolph, Tucker County in West Virginia
Garrett County, Maryland

To include TCF in your will, use this Sample Bequest Language.
I give to the Tucker Community Foundation; a non-profit, charitable entity (tax ID # 55-0687098) located in the Potomac Highlands of WV…
A. The sum of $ ___________; or

B. _______% of my estate; or

C. All the rest, remainder and residue of my estate, including property over which I shall have power of appointment at my passing, after all debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been satisfied.

in order to:
pick one of the following
1. Foster and promote the growth, progress and general operations of Tucker Community Foundation.

2. Establish a permanent endowment fund to be known as the _______________ Fund; the income from which will be used to benefit:__________________.
In accordance with these Minimum Fund Requirements.

$5,000 to establish
Field of Interest
$10,000 to establish
$10,000 to establish
$20,000 to establish

3. Support an existing endowed fund managed by Tucker Community Foundation; the ___________________ Fund.

4. Provide a pass-through donation to benefit: ___________.
$100 minimum donation. May be subject to a small service charge.

5. Provide an unrestricted donation allowing maximum flexibility for use where most needed.
Except where noted, donations of any size are accepted.

For more than 100 years, West Virginians from every corner of the state have generated wealth from business, industry and natural resources. We want to keep at least 5% of that wealth here at home so the hard work of our parents and grandparents can be part of West Virginia’s future.