November 20, 2012

   Sharon Cooper Hott

Sharon Cooper Hott
July 15, 1930 – April 10, 2011

 Sharon Cooper Hott was a retired nurse, educator and community volunteer from Cumberland, MD.  She wanted to leave something in perpetuity to help care for the McNeeley Cemetery where her mother, Evelyn Swartz Cooper, five of her mother’s siblings, and grandparents, John and Sarah Swartz are buried.

 As part of her estate planning she bequeathed a generous sum to the McNeeley Cemetery Fund of Tucker Community Foundation.  The Foundation received notice of the bequest and payment just a few weeks ago.

The McNeely Cemetery Fund is one of six endowed cemetery preservation funds managed by the Foundation.  Cemetery funds are to be used for the maintenance, repair and restoration of cemeteries that are governed by a board of trustees.  A Cemetery Preservation Fund can be initiated with a deposit of $2,000 and donors have five years to reach the minimum fund requirement of $10,000.  After an endowed fund has been initiated and approved it is open to receive donations.  Any one can donate any amount to any endowed fund at any time.

An Estate Planning brochure providing sample bequest language can be viewed online at or mailed on request by calling the Foundation office.

Mrs. Hott is a first cousin of founding member and president of Tucker Community Foundation (1988- 1994), Sarah Minear.

Tucker Community Foundation manages more than 80 endowed funds serving Barbour, Grant, Mineral, Preston, Pocahontas, Randolph and Tucker County, WV and Garrett County, MD. For more information call 304-478-2930 or 304-259-5008. 



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