Feet Under Seats

The Feet Under Seats initiative, a collaborative effort to promote school attendance through a public awareness campaign and incentive based classsroom challenges, continues to build momentum.  Program partners met recently and received the following report from  Tucker County Attendance Director Larry McCune:

“Tucker County school attendance is on the rise!   The Feet Under Seats initiative continues to have a positive impact on school attendance.   Student attendance rates showed significant improvement during the 2011-12 school year and continue to improve this year as well.  Individual students, as well as classes, will once again this year continue to receive recognition for good attendance.  Posters and newspaper announcements will recognize these achievements throughout the year with year-end prizes being awarded. Increased collaboration and communication among school officials, teachers, parents, students and other entities that influence youth have made a huge impact on school attendance.   Meaningful incentives for good attendance and implementation of a successful, effective public awareness campaign have been made possible by the Feet Under Seat initiative.”

Feet Under Seats is a WV Grantmakers Collaborating for Youth Initiative secured and matched with Tucker Community Foundation funding.  The project is also supported by the TC BOE, TC FRN and St. George Medical Clinic.                              



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