Happy New Year!  The holidays often include a time of reflection and looking ahead. Depending on your stage in life, it might have even prompted some thought about what your legacy will be.  Figuring that out can be a daunting task but if you’d like to leave your footprint in a community you love – the Foundation’s endowed fund program offers an attractive solution.

An endowed fund is like a mini- trust fund that lasts forever.  You, the fund advisor, name the fund and decide what the fund supports.  TCF provides information on how to establish the fund (annual gifting, a Giving Circle, Run For It, life insurance policies, and estate planning are a few options) and then administer the funds accordingly.  The transparency and reporting requirements of the community foundation model appeal to many donors.

Over the past twenty-plus years, more than eighty fund advisors have established endowed funds with the Tucker Community Foundation ranging in size from $5,000 – $14 million.  These funds have generated close to $5 million in grant and scholarship awards.  Additional unrestricted trust income has provided substantial funding for program development and enabled partnerships to form for several collaborative projects.

Fund Advisors and donors who seed or establish new funds are investing in the future of our communities and the impact is substantial. If you are ready to create your own legacy or pay tribute to a loved one, call Rob Burns, Executive Director at the Foundation’s main office in Parsons 304-478-2930 or Diane Hinkle, Development Director at Run For It Headquarters in Davis 304-259-5008.

We appreciate the trust and vision of donors that help us achieve our mission of creating opportunities for the communities we serve.



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