February 3, 2015      Continuing with our yearlong focus on donors, the Foundation recognizes and appreciates those who gifted during the recent holidays.  Yearend donations are often made as gifts to honor friends and family, some are made in memory of loved ones, while others take advantage of charitable tax credits.  Whatever the reason, each donation continues to strengthen our communities and our region.

It’s noteworthy that 2014 was a year of unprecedented growth for Preston and Randolph County funds.   As that support continues to grow, so does the potential for partnerships and program expansion in those areas.   Endowed funds managed by the Foundation can serve the entire region or they can be specific to a geographic area.

“Anonymous” shows up frequently in the list below.  The old adage, out of sight out of mind couldn’t be further from the truth.  We acknowledge and appreciate the strong support they give throughout the year; they are never “out of mind”.

Heart of the Highlands
West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners

Billie Armstrong Fund

Tucker Boulder Park Project
Diane Rader
Diane & Scott Hinkle

Beuna Chapel Cemetery Fund
G. & Juanita Linkous

Crimson Shamrock Literacy Fund
Lori Wall

Crimson Shamrock Scholarship Fund
David Moran

Denver & Ethel Raines Smith Memorial Fund
George & Mariwyn Smith in memory of Becky Smith Bromell

Directors’ General Fund
Marvin Canfield
Elizabeth Hestick
Terry Stone & Steve Drumheller

Dr. Mary Alice Klein Scholarship Fund
Jennifer Klein
Joseph & Shirley Perozziello

Ellis Boury Fund
Sara Pritchard
Janis Boury

Tucker County EMS Fund
Diane & Scott Hinkle

Falling Green Fund
Jane Rodrigue & Mark Ford

George & Mariwyn Smith Fund
Ken & Faith Robinson
George & Mariwyn Smith

Dailey & Belva Shaffer Martin Fund
Nola DeVilder

Louise & Jim Cooper, Jr. Family Fund
James C. Cooper III
Michael & Krista Wingfield
George & Mariwyn Smith 

Joseph R. Steffl Scholarship Fund In memory of Shirley Steffl
Kimberly Jacobs
Ben & Melanie Thompson
Jerry & Nancy Wade
Pauline Morehead
Richard & Frances Bolock
Ann Worwa
Margaret & Roer Warren
Joanne & Ronald Meeks
Adena Lions Club
Terry & Maryann Steffl
Arlen Vanasdal
Larry & Patricia Quaglia
Joseph & Sheri Shoup
John & Linda Steffl
Roger & Donna Sliva
Timothy & Anna Smith
Richard Steffl
Phyllis Amoroso & Sons
Joyce Berus
Robert & Monica Brown
Laura & Jerry Nameth
Sandy Morehead
John & Bonita Snider
Christine & Dwight Jenewein
Joe & Mary Lettau
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Riesbeck
Louis & Donna Domanovic
Susan & Dan Bednarski
Tom & Rosita Beck
Joe & Clara Pagot
Tim Smith & the Broz Family
Mary Agnes Roski
Jeanette Kelley
John & Carol Stock
Patricia Wanat
Donald & Ruth Shoup
Rebecca & David Tobias

Joyce Colbert Veterinary Scholarship Fund
Jean Colbert
David Moran 

Margaret A. & James A. Grafton Scholarship Fund
Michael & Kristina Wamsley
James &Marie Grafton
Cathy & Mitch Stemler 

Michael Shahan Scholarship Fund
Michael Shahan

Mountaintop Public Library Building Fund

Brad Ramsey Scholarship Fund
Heather Ramsey
Shell Employee Match Giving Program

WVHighlands STArt Fund
Rhonda Clem
Tom Tillman & Elaine George
Krista Hurley
James & Jeanne Odom
Kay & Darl Clites
Elaine Moore
John & Deborah Brown
Bruce & Gerri Wilson

Tucker County Economic / Community Development Fund
TCF Match

Thomas P. Patrick, DDS Fund
Mike Martin

Denzel & Ernestine A. Kee Scholarship Fund
John Kee

Pass-through Donations
Helping Hands Food Pantry – Anonymous

Ryan Gosa Memorial Scholarship – Pat & Jake Gosa; Andrea & Jake Gosa

TC Health Department flu shot program – Anonymous


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