Tucker Community FoundationApril 24, 2015 – We hope you have enjoyed the series of Tucker Community Foundation (TCF) ads that ran during the month of April announcing our new website and video.  The ads feature the tagline not your typical foundation.  The words philanthropy and foundation conjure up images of elite donors, golf tournaments, and afternoon teas and while all of those have an important role in philanthropy, TCF is working hard to broaden that perspective by engaging youngsters, hipsters, artists, farmers, professionals, students, visitors, residents, second home owners and anyone else with a connection to the region we serve.

The face of our typical donor looks like the youngsters who “feed” Penelope, the office piggy bank that moonlights to help raise support for other nonprofit fundraisers. It looks like a team of racers raising support to build an endowment for Preston County.  It looks like a medical community and board of directors who are maximizing the return on investments to benefit a regional Medical Center. It’s the face of librarians from around the region that are relentless in their pursuit of matching funds for state grants.  Its town council members, corporate donors, parents, grandparents, bikers, climbers, challenged athletes and other outdoor enthusiasts who support a unique public park project that also raises support for local Emergency Medical Services. It’s everyone who has ever purchased a ticket for Uncle Sam’s Birthday Party or partnered with us on collaborative projects like Feet under Seats. It’s the volunteers that help out with almost every facet of our work.  It’s quilters who fashion a variety of logos representing TCF’s mission statement that adorn office walls sparking compliments and conversations. The face of philanthropy is everywhere throughout our region.

Our donors are continually investing in the future of this region by supporting endowments, programs, projects and initiatives; some through resource management and estate planning, others using creative fundraising strategies.  TCF facilitates local philanthropy; if you want to invest in your passion and create your legacy, our job is to help you achieve that goal.

Our broad donor base speaks to the character of the communities we represent. We are not your typical foundation because our region is not your typical community.  Everyone can be a philanthropist; it’s our goal that everyone is. Tucker Community Foundation is among the featured charities on the Give Local America Day.  We hope you’ll visit www.Give2WV.org on Tuesday, May 5 to show your support.


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