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February 18, 2016 – A common thread throughout the region, since the start of Tucker Community Foundation, is strong donor support that has created a roster of scholarship funds and a number of endowments that support educational programs and projects.

In 1991 TCF awarded its first scholarship, funded with donations from the Board of Directors, to Tucker County resident Beth Spencer who was attending nursing school at the time.  This spring, endowed scholarship funds, unrestricted income, and income from the E. Kepler and Alice Mae Degler Smith Trust will generate more than $53,000 for more than 30 scholarship awards! A complete listing of scholarship funds can be viewed at www.tuckerfoundation.net/endowed-funds/scholarships/.

This fall, eight endowed funds will provide close to $10,000 in grant awards that will provide additional educational opportunities throughout the region. Donors who established the funds determined the geographic area served.

The George W. and Marjorie H. Walburn Memorial Fund was established in 1991 to provide a bi-annual grant for Tucker County K-12 to promote learning in the area of geography; on  alternate years it provides a scholarship for a Tucker County student who plans to major in either business administration or the teaching of geography.  The fund was established by George W. Walburn, a charter member of the Foundation and the original Uncle Sam for the Foundation’s annual July 4 gala.

The John P. and Sarah Catherine Swartz Fund promotes music education in Tucker County schools. The memorial fund was created by Sarah Minear with additional donations from other family members and friends.  John was a self-educated musician and an accomplished violinist.  John conducted the Hendricks Orchestra for several years and he was the mayor of Hendricks from 1912-1913. Sarah was a homemaker and although she didn’t play musical instruments, she loved to sing and initiated the love and appreciation of music in their eight children, two of whom played piano for silent films until they married.  Lakey was a music teacher in Hendricks and Hamrick for many years.  John “Buss” was skilled on string instruments and Robert “Snook” was employed by a Cumberland, Maryland radio station with his own band and program until his death. Many of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren are also very talented in various musical abilities.

The Ellis Boury III Fund was initiated in 2015 and continues to grow with support of friends and family members who celebrate his life by advancing the education and/or development of creative or technical writing in students or young professionals in Tucker County or surrounding counties in West Virginia with special consideration given to those writings focusing on the promotion of the humanities, specifically addressing tolerance, social introspection and responsibility. Ellis moved to Davis, WV in the summer of 2013 and found his home nestled safely in the mountains. He was a gifted writer who once wrote, at the age of 16, “The author wishes it be known that beyond any pleasure in all the universe, beyond love of any material thing or notion, he doth desire but the company of good, loving companions, that they may laugh and love and live in peace on this beautiful earth forevermore.” His main literary diversions included Feist, literature on string and chaos theory, and any work by Richard Dawkins, all of which were stacked on his desk at the time of his untimely passing in 2014.

The Dehari Fund was established in 2008 by anonymous donors to promote education in Tucker County schools with preference given to educational school trips, speaker presentations, and education technology. Grants from the fund have supported a rocket scientist program, the TCHS Outdoor Club, band uniforms and instruments, track and field uniforms, and life skills classroom development to name a few.

The Kingwood Elementary School Fund was established to enhance the delivery of educational services to the students at Kingwood Elementary School. Special consideration will be given to addressing basic human needs (food, clothing, and medical); character education and counseling, developing appropriate behaviors and social skills, and regular school attendance. The fund was initiated in 2015 under the direction of the school’s principal, Jill Zeigler with Run For It proceeds and other donations.

The Preston High School U.S. Army JROTC Fund was established in 2013 by the members of Kingwood American Legion (George D. Jackson) Post 56 to enable the Senior Army Instructor of the Preston High School Army JROTC program to pay expenses for equipment, travel to competitive events and other program expenses. The JROTC Program became an elective course of instruction at Preston High School in 1993 and has since that time earned many local, state and national honors.

The After School Explorers Fund was started with Run For It proceeds in 2014 by Susie Huggins, Project Director, to provide support for Preston County primarily for after school programs for parents and students with secondary consideration for school day programs involving students and parents. Two 5-year 21st Century Community Learning Center grants and in-kind support from Preston County Schools provide primary funding for the program. Proceeds from this fund will enhance existing programs and provide sustainable solutions for future needs in Preston County. Eight sites in Preston County are currently benefiting from the After School Explorers program.

In January, the Preston County Board of Education approved the transfer of assets to endow a fund to benefit academic programs in Preston County schools. The money came from the Academic Center Foundation, Inc., that was formed in the 1970s.

The Margaret Kump Roberts Fund provides support for restoration of the Kump Education Center located in Elkins, WV.  Roberts was a daughter of the late Governor Herman Guy Kump and Edna Hall Scott Kump. She had a career in education and was very involved in community service and local politics. The Kump Education Center is a nonprofit organization that promotes educational programs aimed at improving student achievement and supporting teacher excellence. The center collaborates with three local private colleges—Davis and Elkins College, West Virginia Wesleyan College and Alderson Broaddus University as well as two public school systems in Randolph and Upshur counties.

Download Scholarship applications at www.tuckerfoundation.net. The deadline to apply is 4p, Friday, April 1. Grant applications are available after August 1, and due by Friday, September 16.

For more information on how to enhance educational opportunities in the Potomac Highland region, contact the Foundation Development Office at 304-259-5008.  Visit us at www.facebook.com/tucker.commfound for up-to-date information about Tucker Community Foundation.


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