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February 10, 2010


Scholarship Funds Available

Parsons, WV   The 2010 Scholarship cycle is now underway for Tucker Community Foundation (TCF). Endowed funds, interest from the Kep & Alice Smith Trust and Unrestricted funds of the Foundation will provide more than $42,000 in scholarship funds for the 2010 cycle.  Awards will range from $500 to $4,000. 


Scholarships awards are based on a competitive application process.  Applications are currently available at the Foundation office located in Parsons at the Tucker County Board of Education Annex Building, through area high school guidance counselors, and at the Five Rivers Library in Parsons and the Mountain Top Library in Thomas.  Applications can also be downloaded from the Foundation web site (  Applications must be turned in to the Foundation office postmarked by April 2


Applicants have 3 different applications to choose from; the General Application is geared towards high school seniors and college students, the Non-Traditional Application is for the person who has been out of school for several years and wishes to return to further their education and the Gary Wilson Application is for k-12 students attending a Christian school.  Students attending trade schools are also eligible to apply for scholarships.

There are more than 30 endowed Scholarship Funds that have a wide variety of distribution criteria (visit the scholarship link on the Foundation web site for a complete listing).  The Foundation service area includes Barbour, Grant, Preston, Pocahontas, Randolph and Tucker Counties.  Students from those counties that plan to further their education are encouraged to apply for a scholarship regardless of their field of study. Two funds provide scholarships for students out of the Foundation service area; the Kline, Allison, Evans Scholarship Fund for students from the Union District of Grant County and/or the Elk District of Mineral County and the Joyce Colbert Veterinary Scholarship Fund for students from Tucker and Preston Counties, WV & Garrett County, MD that are pursuing a career in rural veterinary medicine.

The recently established Preble Scholarship Fund will award a scholarship for the first time this year to students graduating from Tucker County High School who plan to attend college.  Preference is given, but not limited to any student pursing a degree in geology.  The fund was established in 2009 by Doug & Betty Preble of Canaan Valley prior to Mr. Preble’s death in September. 

The White Grass Café Culinary Scholarship is also new in 2010.  The scholarship was made possible from a portion of the proceeds from sales of White Grass cookbooks.  The operators of White Grass Café, Chip Chase and Laurie Little of Canaan Valley, firmly believe that “good tasting, nutritious, high quality food should be the standard”.  It is their hope that this scholarship will help a deserving culinary arts student achieve their goal in promoting culinary excellence.  The scholarship is intended for any WV resident attending a culinary arts school or taking cooking education classes. 

The Nina Moore 2010 Scholarship will be awarded to a college student from Tucker County pursuing a major in education.  This award was made possible by donations received from the Tucker County Board of Education staff in memory of Nina Moore, mother-in-law of Supt. Rick Hicks.

Endowed scholarship funds are established by donors who wish to provide a perpetual source of funding for area students.  Donors who establish an endowed fund are given the option of naming the fund and choosing the distribution criteria.  Donors may also choose to donate unrestricted funds allowing the Scholarship Committee to award the funds where they are most needed.

Scholarship award recipients will be announced in May. For more information, call the Foundation office at 304-478-2930. 


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