Write-to-Win Contest

Help us tell Penelope’s story.
Select entries in Tucker Community Foundation’s Write-to-Win Contest
will be published and used in an ongoing Youth Philanthropy Initiative.

"What's her story?"

“What’s her story?”


Penelope accepts gifts of any size. She doesn’t look like your typical philanthropist but she has become one in her own right, capturing the attention of many since finding a home with the Tucker Community Foundation.

Tucker Community Foundation’s youth philanthropy program and Penelope are looking to engage children in all aspects of service and giving in their community, from considering community needs and resources through evaluating the impact of service and giving.

Penelope wants children to know that they don’t have to wait to be a philanthropist, they may, in fact, be one already.  Penelope’s goal is to empower youth to become engaged citizens who are actively pursuing community betterment, and to instill this as a lifelong habit.

Contest Guidelines:

  • Write a children’s book or short story appropriate for ages 5-12 featuring Penelope as the main character.
  • Story should have a positive message relating to community, philanthropy, and helping others.
  • Length: Not to exceed 32 pages (eight sheets of paper folded in half) plus removable cover page.
  • 500-1000 words max.
  • Illustrations (3 options): writer may self-illustrate, writer may collaborate and give appropriate credit, and writer may use photographs with appropriate permission and credit.
  • Removable Cover Page should include writer’s name, age, mailing address, phone #, email.


Three Prize Categories
Youth (12 & under)
Teen (13-19)
Adult (20 +)

4 Awards
(Overall + 1 from each age category)

(1) $500 Directors’ General Award
(1) $300 Crimson Shamrock Literacy Award
(2) $250 Kep & Alice Smith Awards

Winner keeps half / donates half
to charity of choice

Submit entries before
Tuesday, December 1, 4pm postmark

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