Dan Bucher has been a part of Tucker Community Foundation since the beginning. Here he describes the culture of giving.

Dan Bucher:

My name is Dan Bucher and I’ve been involved with Tucker Community Foundation since its inception actually. Which is almost more years than I can remember at this point. A pretty exciting venture.

And I just have to tell you, I can remember the first year each board member had to chip in $35 so we could give a scholarship. So we came from very humble beginnings. But it’s exciting, the potential this Foundation has.

Our family recognizes the value of the Foundation brings. And not just the Foundation, but the whole concept of giving. I firmly believe that there are spiritual principles that you sow what you reap and when you sow by giving it comes back: to the community, to your family, in many different ways. And that’s so true with Tucker Community Foundation. It’s so true with our family. And the Bucher Family Fund serves to recognize those values that have been so important to us as a family.