Taylor-Beall & Snyder Family Fund

TYPE OF FUND:  Designated                                 DATE ESTABLISHED:  August 2015

PURPOSE: To honor the memory of Phelps Paul Taylor, Jr., Roscoe C. Beall, Jr. and Virginia Lee
(Hott) Beall; and to honor the life of Arlene M. (Taylor) Snyder and Bobbie D. (Bob) Snyder. The fund
shall be used and distributed to benefit the Canaan Valley Volunteer Fire Department (CV VFD) Auxiliary.
In the case that the CV VFD Auxiliary ceases to exist, proceeds from the fund shall benefit the Canaan
Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

DISTRIBUTION: The funds are to be dispersed to the CV VFD Auxiliary by approval of the full Board
of Directors of TCF. Upon recommendation of the Fund Advisors the distribution may be reinvested
with the Fund.

VARIANCE POWER: The Fund shall be subject to the Foundation’s Asset Development Policy and
specifically the Foundation’s Variance Power which states: “If, in the judgment of the TCF Board of
Directors, the restrictions and conditions of the Fund become unnecessary, incapable of
fulfillment, or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community, the TCF Board of Directors
maintains the right to modify the terms of this fund. Tucker Community Foundation has exclusive
legal control over its assets.”

FUNDING: Initial funding provided by Roscoe (Ronnie) and Diane Taylor Beall in memory of Ronnie’s
parents and in memory of Diane’s father and in honor of her mother and step-father.

BACKGROUND: Phelps Paul Taylor, Jr. (Nov. 28, 1923- June 7, 1983) was a devoted husband to his wife
Arlene McCullough, and to his four daughters Paula, Marilyn, Eleanor (Ellie) Diane and son Phelps
(Pete). Phelps, Jr. served in the U.S. Army and a veteran of WWII. He was a leader in his community
with a personality that put everyone at ease. He was a member of the Lions Club, where he was
frequently called upon to emcee events, and an Elder in the Church of Christ. He was an avid bird
hunter and also enjoyed fishing. His untimely death occurred one week after he retired from the
United States Postal Service where he served as Postmaster of the Pennsboro, WV Post Office.

Arlene McCullough worked as a riveter in Akron, Ohio during WWII. After being
widowed for nine years, she married her high school classmate, Bob Snyder, on June 12, 1991and
moved to Charleston, WV where they currently reside.

Arlene was, and continues to be, devoted to her community, her family and her church. With a
passion for quilting, she has a collection of more than fifty quilts adorning the homes of family
members. She is a great cook and pie maker.

Bob is an army veteran of WWII having served in Northern France, Rhineland, and
Central Europe. He had two children by his first wife Pauline (deceased). Daughter

Barbara lives in Winter Park, Florida, and his son Tom is deceased. Bob retired from Hope
Gas Company after 35 years of service. He is a talented musician and has a passion for race cars.

Young at heart, Arlene and Bob continue to enjoy RV’ing and although their Harley days are in the
past, at age 91, they are still likely to show up for church – riding double on their Gold Wing
Tricycle. She and Bob are known for their generosity and spirit of giving to others.

Roscoe C. Beall, Jr. was born Sept. 21, 1916 and died July 10, 1989. He graduated from WVU in 1941
with a degree in Agriculture. A lifelong farmer in Canaan Valley, he was a member of Masonic Lodge
in Elkins and a member of the Sons of the Soil. He retired from the Department of Health and Human
Services. His wife, Virginia Lee (Hott) Beall was born March 12, 1919 and died March 16, 1983.
She was a homemaker and member of the Eastern Star, Canaan Valley Farm Women’s Club, and the
Methodist Church. She enjoyed family, cooking and gardening. Roscoe and Virginia had two sons,
John and Roscoe (Ronnie).

Ronnie and Diane still live on the family farm in Canaan Valley where they raised four children:
Katherine, Elizabeth (Adam) Gregory, Susan (Michael) DiPetta and Mitchell. Ronnie retired from the
W.S. District Court in Elkins, WV, where he worked as the Financial Administrator for over 30
years. Diane is a charter member and past president of the Tucker Community Foundation, having
served for 26 years. A member of the CV VFD Auxiliary since 1989, Diane served as President 2011-

The CV VFD kitchen and fire hall are used extensively by the community. The Taylor- Beall & Snyder
Family Fund will provide perpetual support for ongoing repairs, maintenance and improvements of
those facilities and can also provide support for other auxiliary activities.