Run For It offers participants a variety of donation options.  Choose one and enter your choice on the Entry Form.

I. Identify a general area of interest that you want your donation to support:  Animal Welfare, the Arts, Recreation, Health, Youth, Education, Historic Preservation, Senior Citizens, Social Investment (general charitable causes), Scholarship or Unrestricted. If you want it to serve a particular county or geographic area within our service area make sure you identify it.

II. List a new or existing community project, organization or charity that would benefit your community. If you belong to an organization that is struggling to raise funds, this option may serve you best. Run For It proceeds can support operations.

III. If you wish to initiate or establish an endowed fund of TCF, call the office for details. Endowed funds allow you to name the fund and specify distribution criteria. Donations to an endowed fund are invested; the income generated is distributed in the form of a grant or scholarship award. Endowed funds are subject to current TCF Terms & Minimum Fund Requirements.

IV.   Any individual or team can choose to support any of our endowed funds.  For a complete listing, see the Event Packet.

V. This year you can donate to any registered team online with a credit card on Run Signup.  Just select the team to learn more about their cause and to donate online.