2k Walk only – First to Finish

Youth Male                $600                Landon Dillard                      DTEMS 8th grade class            

Youth Female          $600                Mariah Bowley                      TCHS Lady Mt. Lions           

Adult Male                  $600                Ben Hinkle                              Falling Green Fund

Adult Female             $600               Diane Rader                            Blackwater Ministerial Assoc. Food Pantry  

Masters Male              $600               Randy Nelson                       ($400) Boy Scout Troop 96                                                  
                                                                                                      TCHS Mechanics Class ($200)

Masters Female         $600               Nan Williams                        Belington Public Library

 Fastest 5k competitive run

Youth Male                $600                Mason Clark                           Beverly Elem. School PTA

Youth Female          $600                Sidney Moore                       TCHS Lady Mt. Lions           

Adult Male                  $1300              Joel Wolpert                          Belington Public Library

Adult Female            $1300              Katie Wolpert                        Belington Public Library        

Masters Male             $600                Dan Aerni                               Belington Public Library

Masters Female        $600               Roberta Good                       Team Northfork


Race Day Pick

$250 Lions Pride – TCHS beautification project


Best of County Awards:

Randolph County      $250    Harman Community Alliance          Cora McKean

Barbour County          $250     Belington Public Library                    Katie Wolpert

Preston County           $250      Maple Springs Church Choir             Jeremy Skiles

Garrett County, MD  $250     Garrett Mentors                                     Bonnie Swyter


Team Awards

Best Team Effort     

2nd       $1500              Mountaintop Readers                         Ivonne Martinez

1st        $2000              Harman Community Alliance           Cora McKean


Most $$ Raised by a Team 

2nd     $2000              Belington Library                                Katie Wolpert

1st        $3000              Riverfront Ramblers                           David Faunce

Tucker County Commission Award – Top 5 teams raising the most money for Tucker County causes

 1.  Cruisin Critters                 $1,000 Mountaineer Humane Society       Mary Sagage

2.  Fresh Canvas                      $1,000 Dutch Easton Fund                             Glenda Easton

3.  Riverfront Ramblers        $1,000 Davis Riverfront Park                         David Faunce

4.  Mt. Top Readers                 $1,000 Mountaintop Library                          Ivonne Martinez

5.  Five River Friends             $1,000 Five Rivers Library                             Cherie Rike