Kingwood Stags Create Fund

Carri and Jill Zeigler, Run For It 2015 Photo courtesy of Hilary Boyce

Carri and Jill Zeigler, Run For It 2015 Photo courtesy of Hilary Boyce

– November 11, 2015 – A dedicated principal, with a vision for the future, is paving the way for donors who want to invest in the future of Kingwood Elementary School. Determined to create a permanent legacy for the school, Jill Ziegler organized a team of walkers and runners and travelled to Tucker County with them to Run For It – raising awareness and support for a school and a community they love. The team’s success enabled them to seed an endowed fund that will forever benefit both.

According to Ziegler, “The Kingwood Elementary School Fund will enhance the delivery of educational services to the students at Kingwood Elementary School. Special consideration will be given to addressing the needs of the “whole child” to include, but not limited to, basic human needs (food, clothing, medical); character education and counseling, developing appropriate behaviors and social skills, and regular school attendance.” 

As a school administrator, Ziegler acknowledges the economic hardship and cutbacks schools across the state are experiencing.  “We are committed to providing the best education possible for our students.  We do not want to become limited in our offerings due to lack of or limited funds. Therefore, the staff of Kingwood Elementary wants to invest in and prepare for the future by establishing and growing the Kingwood Elementary School Endowment.”

The fund will not eliminate or replace traditional school fund raisers but offers another option for donors who are looking for a long term investment. The Kingwood Elementary School Fund is endowed with Tucker Community Foundation, an organization that serves eight counties and manages more than one hundred endowments. Foundation funds are pooled for investment purposes to keep administration fees low and to allow for maximum growth and income.  The income produced will provide an annual grant for Kingwood Elementary School once it reaches the minimum fund requirement of $10,000.

Donations to the Kingwood Elementary School Fund are tax-deductible.  Checks can be made payable to TCF – KES Fund and mailed to Tucker Community Foundation, PO Box 491, Parsons, WV  26287.

For more information, contact Jill Zeigler or the Tucker Community Foundation Development Office at 304-259-5008.


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