The Old Brick Playhouse was the big winner at the first annual 100 Club fundraiser held on Giving Tuesday.

The Elkins-based organization took home $5,000 following a collective vote by those in attendance. The Old Brick Playhouse provides art educational programming for youth throughout the region.

“We are very grateful for the support and generosity of the 100 Club members,” said Missy McCollam, executive director of The Old Brick Playhouse. “We lost a significant portion of our funding for programming with the recent elimination of the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts. This grant award will help us continue our programs.”

More than 20 nonprofit organizations were represented at the inaugural 100 Club event held on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 1863 Grill & Isaac Jackson Hotel.

“It was amazing to see so many community stewards come together to support local philanthropy and make a difference,” said Robert Burns, executive director for the Tucker Community Foundation. “This event is a great opportunity for Randolph County nonprofits to share their stories with other community members.”

Every ticket holder who attended The 100 Club nominated one Randolph County project, program or organization that they thought was deserving of the collective prize money. Halfway through the evening, five of the nominations were selected at random.

The selected organizations were: Elkins-Randolph Public Library, Beverly Heritage Center, Randolph County Humane Society, Elkins Bookhounds and The Old Brick Playhouse.

A representative from each organization made a two-minute pitch as to why his or her nonprofit organization was deserving of the prize money. McCollam captured the hearts and votes of those in attendance with her story.

“Last week I dropped my son off at school, and before he got out of the car he said, ‘I love you mom,’” McCollam said. “He went on to say, ‘You never know what will happen in school, and I want to make sure you know that in case I don’t see you again.’

“The situation with today’s youth is urgent. The Old Brick Playhouse is committed to the young people in our community. We use art as a vehicle so children can realize their best self.”

Other speakers included: Bill Hartman for the Beverly Heritage Center, Stephanie Murphy representing Elkins-Randolph Public Library, Barry Row for the Elkins Bookhounds and Tina Vial for the Randolph County Humane Society. After all five pitches were heard, every member of The 100 Club used poker chips to vote on which charity should receive the prize money.

“In less than two hours, members of The 100 Club were able to make meaningful impact on a program in Randolph County,” said Anna Patrick, assistant development director for the Tucker Community Foundation. “We hope to continue this fundraising event annually to support other organizations and projects.”

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