Pre-Race FAQ:

Q: When and where does the race start?

A: The race begins at 11:00 AM in front of the Davis Fire Hall at 610 William Avenue, Davis, WV 26260.

Q: Where does the race end?

A: The race ends where it all began, in front of the Davis Fire Hall.

Q: What are the registration dates for Run For It?

A: Teams must be registered by August 31, 2024.  Each team must represent a charitable non-profit cause and have a minimum of five (5) individual participants to qualify for awards.  Team members do not need to walk or run together but must have a Team Captain present on race day.  Individual participants must be registered by September 21, 2024.

Q: When and where do I pick up my race packet?

A: There are two options for race packet pick up:

  1. Friday, September 27, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Davis Fire Hall.
  2. Saturday, September 28, 2024, from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM at the Davis Fire Hall.

Q: How do I choose/change my race packet pick up option?

A: The race packet pick up option is chosen as an add-on during registration.

Q: Can I pick up my race packet before Friday, September 27, 2024?

A: No, Friday, September 27, 2024, is the earliest you can pick up your race packet.

Q: Will there be race packet pick up on race day?

A: Yes, race packets can be picked up on race day from 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM at the Davis Fire Hall.  This option can be added during registration.  If you were planning to pick up your race packet on Friday, September 27, 2024, but cannot, you can still pick it up on race day.

Q: Can someone else pick up my race packet, or can I pick up someone else’s race packet?

A: Yes

Q: What information is needed to pick up my (or other’s) race packet(s)?

A: The QR code sent to your confirmation email and a recent reminder email will be needed for race packet pick up.  If you do not have this QR code, we can search by first and last name and DOB (just in case) for anyone whose race packet you pick up.

Q: How do I start a fundraiser for my team or cause?

A: At the end of your Run For It registration, you will be given a link to your fundraising page.  This will also be sent to you in a confirmation email.  Send the link to your family and friends, asking them to support your team or cause.

Q: I am a Virtual 2k/5k participant.  How do I get my T-shirt?

A: T-shirts for virtual participants will be provided to your Team Captain for distribution.  TCF will not be shipping t-shirts to virtual participants this year.

Q: I’ve registered as an in-person participant for Run For It, but I no longer can make it to the event on race day.  Will TCF ship my t-shirt to me?

A: No, TCF will not be shipping t-shirts to any participants in 2024.  If you cannot make it in person on race day to participate, we will provide your t-shirt to your Team Captain for distribution.

Race Day FAQ:

Q: Do Team Captains have to enter the 2k or 5k race?

A: Yes, Team Captains MUST enter the 2k or 5k race and be present and participate on race day.

Q: Can I run in the 2k walk?

A: No, the 2k walk is untimed, walking only.  Running in the 2k walk is prohibited.

Q: I’m registered for the 2k walk, but what if I change my mind on race day and decide I want to participate in the 5k run/walk?

A: Switching from the 2k walk to the 5k run/walk on race day is prohibited.

Q: I’m registered for the 5k run/walk, but what if I change my mind on race day and decide I want to participate in the 2k walk?

A: 5k run/walk participants can switch to the 2k walk on race day but must notify staff immediately so their bib chip can be deactivated.

Q: I forgot to bring my bib – what do I do?

A: TCF will have limited replacement bibs available on race day.

Q: Where is the start line?

A: In front of the Davis Fire Hall at 610 William Avenue, Davis, WV 26260.

Q: Where is the finish line?

A: Both the 2k walk and the 5k run/walk will finish in front of the Davis Fire Hall.

Q: Are strollers and wheelchairs allowed?

A: Yes

Q: Are skates, skateboards, scooters, or bikes allowed?

A: No

Q: Are dogs or other pets allowed?

A: Yes, however, racers and walkers with pets must line up at the back of the starting line for your pets’ and other participants’ safety.

Q: Where are the restrooms?

A: Portables are located outside the Davis Fire Hall.  Indoor restrooms will not be available.

Q: If someone needs first aid during the event, where do they go?

A: Multiple first aid stations will be placed along the racecourse.

Q: Do you give out finisher’s medals?

A: No, medals are only presented to award winners at the award ceremony.

Q: Are there prizes awarded to Run For It participants?

A: Yes, please note, Award Categories require participation in qualifying events, such as 2k, 5k, and/or Virtual, to be eligible for the award as provided in each award description.

Q: Where can I donate? 

A: Team sponsor donations may be made to your team, another team, or multiple teams.  Donations qualify as charitable contributions, and tax receipts will be issued for every donation.  The team or cause receives 100% of this donation.  You may Donate online to support a team, or you can submit a donation via U.S. Mail directly to our office.  Make checks payable to TCF-RFI, and mail to P.O. Box 491, Parsons, WV 26287.  Make sure to write your team’s name on the memo line.  All donations, forms and fees must be postmarked by September 9, 2021, for processing.

Q: What parking options are available?

A: Parking is very limited in Davis on race day!  We suggest you arrive as early as possible and observe all “NO PARKING” signs posted by the Department of Highways, State Police, Tucker County Sheriff’s Office, the Town of Davis, local businesses, and residents.

Q: Is handicapped parking available?

A: Yes, parking for the handicapped and elderly will be available in the gravel parking lot beside the Hinkle-Fenner Funeral Home at 567 Thomas Avenue, Davis, WV 26260.

Q: When do roads close and re-open in Davis, WV on race day?

A: Through traffic will be re-routed on Route 32 (William Avenue) from 10:50 AM – 11:15 AM.  The West Virginia State Police will stop traffic on Route 32 at the intersection of Henry Avenue and Blackwater Falls Road and south of Davis at the Thomas Patrick Memorial Bridge.  After 11:15 AM, traffic will be limited to one (1) lane on Route 32 (William Avenue) through Davis.

Q: How can I volunteer for Run For It?

A: You can register to Volunteer online, by calling our main office at (304) 478-2930, or by emailing