Tucker County Economic & Community Development Fund

TYPE OF FUND: Designated

PURPOSE: The fund shall be used and distributed for the purpose of the charitable economic
development of Tucker County. This includes activities related job creation, job retention and
general improvements to the business climate of the area.

DISTRIBUTION: Upon the recommendation of the TC ECD Grants Committee and approval
by the Board of Directors of TCF.

The TC ECD committee shall consist of seven members to include, but not limited to, a member
at large and one representative from each of the following:

  • TCF Development Committee
  • TCF Grants Committee
  • TCF Executive Committee
  • Tucker  County Planning Commission
  • Tucker County Development Authority
  • Tucker County Commission

The Foundation shall make distributions as outlined in the Foundation’s general policies. Upon
recommendation of the Fund Advisors the distribution may be reinvested with the Fund

The Fund shall be subject to the Foundation’s Asset Development Policy and specifically the
Foundation’s Variance Power which states: “If, in the judgment of the TCF Board of Directors,
the restrictions and conditions of the Fund become unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment, or
inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community, the TCF Board of Directors maintains
the right to modify the terms of this fund. Tucker Community Foundation has exclusive legal
control over its assets.”

FUNDING: Donations will be matched by Tucker Community Foundation $1 for $1 up to
$5,000 to establish the fund. The first donor to the fund was Matt & Angie Shockley of Davis.


The fund was initiated on the recommendation of the 2013 Tucker Community Foundation
Development Committee: Bob Dunkerley, Chair; David Cooper, Nancy Dotson, Kelly
Stadelman, Beth Clevenger, and Anne Brown Wardwell. Staff members: Rob Burns, Executive
Director and Diane Hinkle, Development Director.


Make check out to: TCF – TED
Mail to: PO Box 491, Parsons, WV 26287