McNeeley Cemetery Fund

TYPE OF FUND:  Cemetery Preservation Sub-Fund / Field of Interest 

DATE ESTABLISHED:  September 1991 

PURPOSE:  Preservation and maintenance of the cemetery which borders the communities of Hambleton and Hendricks.

DISTRIBUTION:  Upon recommendation of the Tucker County Historical Society and approval of the TCF board of directors (see background). 

VARIANCE POWER:  If, in the judgment of the TCF Board of Directors, the restrictions and conditions of the fund become unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community, the TCF Board of Directors maintains the right to modify the terms of this fund.

FUNDING:  $15,000 donation from families who have loved ones buried there, via Tucker County Historical Society.

BACKGROUND:  The initial $15,000 was placed in the fund in September 1991 with the following description:  “The interest from this fund is to be used for the preservation and maintenance of the cemetery and no more than $3,000 of the principal can be used for major improvements.  The plan is to channel the interest through the Tucker County Historical Society which will have a committee to make arrangements for the care of the cemetery.”