Davis Cemetery Fund

TYPE OF FUND:  Cemetery Preservation Sub-Fund / Field of Interest

DATE ESTABLISHED:  Initiated October 2006        Established Jan. 2007 

PURPOSE:  For perpetual funding of Davis Cemetery located on Blackwater Falls Rd, Davis, WV.

DISTRIBUTION:  An annual grant will be awarded to the Davis Council Cemetery Committee to be used for the maintenance, historic preservation, and beautification of the Davis Cemetery in accordance with the TCF Cemetery Preservation Fund Specifications. 

VARIANCE POWER:  If, in the judgment of the TCF Board of Directors, the restrictions and conditions of the fund become unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community, the TCF Board of Directors maintains the right to modify the terms of this fund.

FUNDING:  Initial funding from Margaret Fortini Siembieda, in memory of her parents, Joseph and Alice Moore Fortini, and her brother, Michael Fortini.  Additional funds from a successful letter writng campaign initiated by Ms. Siembieda to former classmates and alumni of Davis High School. January 2007 bequest from the estate of Paul Meyer. 

BACKGROUND:  The original donor of the fund, Margaret Fortini Siembieda, is a native of Tucker County.  She attended first and second grades in Pierce and third grade at the St. Thomas Catholic School in Thomas, WV.  Her mother, Alice Moore Fortini, was born and raised in Davis, WV. Her father, Joseph M. Fortini, was born in Italy and raised in Pierce, WV.  Mr. and Mrs. Fortini were the parents of two children, Margaret Siembieda, and the late Michael J. Fortini.  Mrs. Fortini worked for Cleveland Trust Bank in Cleveland, OH for 20 years.  She died in July 2005.  Mr. Fortini retired from Slabe Machine Products in Cleveland, OH.  He died in April 1999.  They had been residents of Florida for 30 years.  Mr. and Mrs. Fortini are buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Thomas, WV.  Joseph Fortini’s parents, two brothers and a sister are also buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.  Alice Fortini’s family, including her parents, brothers, brother-in-law and two nephews are buried in the Davis Cemetery.  Michael Fortini lived in Kennesaw, GA, and worked for VDO Instruments.  He died in February 2001 and is buried in Marietta, GA.  Mrs. Siembieda’s grandparents were Lee and Sarah Moore of Davis and John and Mary Fortini of Pierce.

Paul Meyer Bequest – Jan. 2007:  Paul A. Meyer, 85, a life long resident of Davis, passed away Jan. 29, 2007 leaving the City of Davis $50,000.00 for the Davis Cemetery Maintenance Fund.  It was his request that only the interest earned be spent annually for Davis Cemetery maintenance, and that the principal be placed with the Tucker Community Foundation for “conservative investment”.  Paul Meyer graduated Davis High School in 1942.  After graduation, he joined the Navy where he served as Seaman First Class until December 1945.  He met and married Christina Koresec, a well known nurse that everyone affectionately called “Ms.Tina”.  For years she served as the Tucker County School Nurse and she retired as the Camp Nurse for the former WV Forestry Camp for Boys, now known as the Davis Center. She passed away in 1987.  Mr. Meyer is survived by a sister, Katherine DeWitt, of Morgantown, WV, one niece, several nephews and a sister in law.  The Davis Cemetery had long been one of Paul’s pet projects.  The cemetery, located close to his home on the outskirts of Davis served as the final resting spot for his beloved wife and many of his family members.  As long as he was physically able, Paul took care of the family graves himself.  He was adamant that no machinery be used on or around the graves and right up until the time of his death, he was explicit that his own grave be dug by hand, a wish that was carried out at the time of his death.  In honor of those wishes, and his years of diligence at the cemetery, the funeral director and Mayor of Davis took extra measures to insure Paul’s grave was handled appropriately.