Award Category PlaceAwardWinner
Youngest Registered ParticipantM100Norman Casseday 1Arts Bank Art Educators
F100Anna Lee Easton 1 monthFresh Canvas / Dutch Easton Fund
Oldest Registered ParticipantM100John Ferguson 91WV Highlands Artisans Group
F100Juanita Nestor 97WV Caring
$100 to 2k Luck of the Draw1100Lauren HinkleTeam Boulder Park
2100Katelyn BernardOak Dale Church of the Brethren
3100Jacqueline McNeerCV VFD Auxiliary Power
4100Cooper MayfieldWades WOW Playground
5100Bill DashiellAndy's Team for Andy W. Evans Art Fund
6100Ryan BonzoTucker County Animal Shelter
7100Michael SmithBelington Public Library
8100Gary WestlingCanaan Valley Ski Patrol
9100Camille CharlierLinwood Community Daycare
10100Abby FlinchumTucker County Animal Shelter
$100 to 5k Luck of the Draw1100Janelle JonesFresh Canvas for Dutch Easton Fund
2100Zanna LogarMountain Laurel Learning Cooperative
3100Diane JohnstonFriends of the Blackwater
4100Mara PriceKingwood Elementary School STAGS
5100Connie TownsendRandolph County Arts Center
2k Walk Only - First to Finish
Fastest Male 1500Brian Zirk Tucker County Young Life
2400Brad Spencer WV Mountain Ministries
3300Ed RaderTucker Runners - Tucker County High Schoool Cross-Country Team
Fastest Female1500Jennifer Friend Team Hannah
2400Rosetta ZirkTucker County Young Life
3300Diane RaderTucker Runners - Tucker County High Schoool Cross-Country Team
Youth Male1250Calib Chidester Fresh Canvas for Dutch Easton Fund
2150Caleb SikarskieTucker Boulder Park
3125Dustin FridleyOakdale Church of the Brethren
Youth Female1250Mackenzie ZirkTucker County Young Life
2150Allison Liller DTEMS-PTO
3125Lillian Callaway Team Hannah
Adult Male1250Dylan HarringtonRunning for Rotary (Elkins Rotary)
2150Mitchell Beall CVVFD Team Auxiliary Power
3125Bob BooneTeam Hannah
Adult Female1250Nina GattoKalie's Crew
2150Resi AndersonTeam Hannah
3125Brittany Campbell Friends of the Cheat
Masters Male1250Mark Tracy Challenged Athletes of WV
2150Dick HoranTeam Hannah
3125Mike SayreWV Trout Unlimited
Masters Female1250Ann Miles Mountaintop Readers
2150Julie Dzaack Heart of the Highlands
3125JoJo PattersonArtSpring
80+M1250Gerald Carter 82Canaan Valley Ski Patrol
2150Walter Georg 89WV Gold Star Mothers
3125Lawrence Orr 80WV Trout Unlimited
80+F1250Glenda DelSignore 85 Andy's Run for the Andy W. Evans Art Fund
2150Veralene Eakle 81Team Hannah
3125Barbara Crist 80Pocahontas County Senior Citizens
90+F1250Juanita Nestor 97WV Caring
2150Rose Georg 90WV Gold Star Mothers
Fastest 5k
Fastest Male 11000Matt Bright 17:00.83Preston County NOTSERP Track Club
2750Jason Pyles 17:25.94Kump Education Center
3500Robert Smith 17:32.91Cruisin Critters - Mountaineer Humane Society
Fastest Female11000Katie Wolpert 20:45.71Belington Public Library Bookaneers
2750Kerry Conway 22:53.66Fresh Canvas for Dutch Easton Fund
3500Charlote Johnson 23:16.75Heart of the Highlands Trail System
10 & Under Male1100Nate RicottilliBillie G. Armstrong Fund
2100Arden GaujotMountain Laurel Learning Cooperative
3100Oliver ArchuletaMountain Laurel Learning Cooperative
10 & Under Female1100Zanna LogarMountain Laurel Leaning Cooperative
2100Raina LogarMountain Laurel Leaning Cooperative
3100Allison JudyMountain Laurel Leaning Cooperative
11-14 Male1100Andrew BrewsterCruisin Critters - Mountaineer Humane Society
2100Nicolas Ramirez-RodilesPetersburg Elementary PTO
3100Tristan BishopWV Mountain Ministries
11-14 Female 1100Megan MitchellBelington Public Library
2100Katelyn FallsTucker County Animal Shelter
3100Brooke DavisKalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund of Garrett College
Male 15-191100Ryan FerrellPreston County NOTSERP Track Club
2100Will WhiteTucker Runners - Tucker County High Schoool Cross-Country Team
3100Joseph LewandowskiTucker Runners - Tucker County High Schoool Cross-Country Team
Female 15-19 1100Maya PaulTucker Runners - Tucker County High Schoool Cross-Country Team
2100Natalie EvansTucker Runners - Tucker County High Schoool Cross-Country Team
3100Brianna WilliamsBelington Public Library
Male 20-291100Zach AdamsHeart of the Highlands Trail System
2100Cory TregoWest Virginia Trout Unlimited
3100Anthony MoonTCF Directors' General Fund
Female 20-291100Hilary BrightPreston County NOTSERP Track Club
2100Kat Clark-SmithCruisin' Critters Mountaineer Humane Society
3100Sarah TregoWest Virginia Trout Unlimited
Male 30-391100Derek BolyardTeam Hannah
2100Zach BittingerGarrett Trails
3100Cory ChaseNew Davis Renaissance Group
Female 30-391100Kristy JerosMountaintop Public Library
2100Katherine ReedCub Scouts Pack 88
3100Amy MargoliesHeart of the Highlands Trail System
Male 40-491100Scott ClarkLouise & Jim Cooper Family Fund
2100Patrick VaughanHeart of the Highlands Trail System
3100Chris LingerFriends of the Cheat
Female 40-491100Sue HaywoodHeart of the Highlands Trail System
2100Sara LitzauFresh Canvas for Dutch Easton Fund
3100Jen SwiftHeart of the Highlands Trail System
Male 50-591100Luke FleischmanMountaintop Public Library, Thomas WV
2100Doug CowgillHeart of the Highlands Trail System
3100Steven GreenGarrett Trails
Female 50-591100Chris StorrickRandolph County Arts Center
2100Natalie JenkinsWV Mountain Ministries
3100Lois GillenwaterCruisin Critters - Mountaineer Humane Society
Male 60-691100Larry FerrensGarrett Trails
2100Chip ChaseTucker Boulder Park
3100Paul FoyBelington Public Library Bookaneers
Female 60-691100Jeanette GryskevichTCF Directors' General Fund
2100Linda TracyChallenged Athletes of WV
3100Deborah McHenryFriends of the Blackwater
Male 70-791100Joe BiolaKump Education Center
2100James JudyPRO ON TRAC
3100Vernon RedmanWV Gold Star Mothers
Female 70-791100Robin JorlettCortland Acres Challengers
2100Cindy MargoliesHeart of the Highlands Trail System
3100Heather BiolaKump Education Center
Male 80+1100Robert ColeHeart of the Highlands Trail System
2100Merrill WoodWV Mountain Ministries
Female 80+1100Mona WoodWV Mountain Ministries
2100Barbara SchonkPhilippi Public Library Bookworms
3100Caroline AllenPhilippi Public Library Bookworms
Gold Star Awards (Discretionary)1600Andy's Team
2500Rowlesburg Runners
3400New Visionaries
5300Warriors of Wisp
6300Sharon Pauley/ Team Pioneer
7300Canaan State Park Foundation
8300WV Mountain Ministries
Challenged Athletes Gold Star300David McDowell
300David Begg
300Sam Preston
300James Wardwell
Best New Comer Award1500Randolph County Arts Center
2400Grant County Health Team
Best Team T-shirt1300Tucker Runners - Tucker County High Schoool Cross-Country Team
2200Cub Scout Pack 88
3100Team Dobbin
4100Oak Dale Youth Group
5100Literacy Volunteers of Randolph County
Best of Region Award11000WV Trout Unlimited
2500Highlands Trail Foundation
Proud to be Endowed Awards2500All teams raising support for endowed funds or projects of the Foundation receive $100
$100 each Fund / project
Citizens Bank of West Virginia
Best of Randolph500ArtsCenter
Best of Tucker500Mountaintop Readers for Mountaintop Public Library
Falling Green Awards1500Tucker County Animal Shelter
2500WV Mountain Ministries
3300Tucker Boulder Park
4300CV State Park Foundation
Tucker County Commission Awards
Best Effort sliding scale
11000Mountaintop Readers for Mountain Top Public Library
2750Team Hannah
3500Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative
4500Tucker Runners
5500Fresh Canvas
6500Andy's Run
7500Boulder Park
8500Heart of the Highlands
10500Tucker Co Animal Shelter
11250WV Gold Star
12250West Virginia Caring
13250WV Mountain  Ministries
14250Billie G. Armstrong
15250Cruisin Critters
16250Riverfront Ramblers
18250CVVFD Auxiliary Power
19250New Historic Thomas
20250Tucker County Young Life
22250Five Rivers Public Library
23250Timberline Ski Patrol
24250Cortland Challengers
25250EB3 for the Ellis Boury III Fund
26250New Davis Renaissance Group (NDRG)
27250Canaan Valley State Park Foundation
28250Canaan Valley Ski Patrol
29250WV Highlands Artisans Group
Randolph County Commission Award
Best Effort sliding scale
11000Arts Center
2750Rowdy Readers
3600Team Pioneer
4500Kump Education Center
5400Knights of Columbus Council #603
6400Running for Rotary
7300ArtsBank Art Educators
8300Cub Scout - Pack 88
9300Literacy Volunteers of Randolph County
10300Citizens Bank of WV
11150Davis Health System Foundation
Pocahontas County Commission Award
Split equally among teams
11250Pocahontas County Senior Citizen
21250Challenged Athletes of WV
31250Youth Health Services
4250Linwood Community Daycare
Barbour County Commission Award
Best Effort sliding scale
11000Philippi Public Library Bookworms
2700Freedom Marchers
3600Belington Public Library Bookaneers
4500Kasson Eagles
5400Barbour County Team Health
6300New Visionaries
Barbour Community Foundation Award
(Most $$ Raised)
1500Philippi Public Library Bookworms
2350Belington Public Library Bookaneers
3250Freedom Marchers
4200Kasson Eagles
5100Barbour County Team Health
6100New Visionaries
Preston County Commission Award
Best Effort sliding scale
1500Friends of the Cheat
2400Aurora Historical Society
3300Aurora Mountain Lions Club
4250Wade's World of Wonder
5250Aurora Project
6250Preston Community Fund Runners
7250Preston County Humane Society
8250After School Explorers
9250Aurora School PTO
10100Rowlesburg Runners
11100Kingwood Elementary School Stags
Grant County Commission
Best Effort sliding scale
1500Grant County for a Healthier Tomorrow
2250Oak Dale Church of Brethren
3250Grant County 4-H
4200Petersburg Elementary PTO
5100Team Dobbin
Garrett County Commission Awards
Best Effort sliding scale
1500Kalie's Crew
2300Warriors of Wisp
3200Garrett Trails
4100Rotary Club of Oakland
McDonough Foundation Awards
750Challenged Athletes of WV
750Pocahontas County Senior Citizens
750After School Explorers
750Cub Scout - Pack 88
500Barbour County Team Health
500Freedom Marchers
500Youth Health Services
500Aurora Mountain Lions Club
500Preston County Humane Society
500Wade's World of Wonder (WOW) Playground
500Running for Rotary (Elkins)
500Literacy Volunteers of Randolph County
500Citizens Bank of WV for Randolph Tucker CAC
500Knights of Columbus Council #603
500Billie G. Armstrong for Pregnancy Care Centers
500Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative
500Tucker County Young Life
500Heart of the Highlands Trail System
500CVVFD Auxiliary Power
500Cruisin Critters
500Tucker County Animal Shelter
500WV Gold Star Mothers
500Deerfield 74 - Zabriskie Fund for CVVFD
500Five Rivers Public Library
500Canaan Valley Ski Patrol
500Team Boulder Park
250Kasson Eagles
250Philippi Public Library Bookworms
250Belington Public Library Bookaneers
250Petersburg Elementary PTO
250Grant County for a Healthier Tomorrow
250Grant County 4-H
250Linwood Community Daycare
250Preston Community Fund Runners
250Kingwood Elementary School Stags
250Aurora Historical Society
250Friends of the Cheat
250Aurora Project
250Rowlesburg Runners
250Aurora School PTO
250Team Pioneer
250ArtsBank Art Educators
250Rowdy Readers
250Mountain Arts District (MAD)
250Arts Center
250Davis Health System Foundation
250Kump Education Center
250Team Hannah
250Fresh Canvas
250Riverfront Ramblers
250WV Mountain Ministries
250Andy's Run
250New Historic Thomas
250Timberline Ski Patrol
250Cortland Challengers
250Mountaintop Readers
250Canaan Valley State Park Foundation
250West Virginia Caring
250WV Highlands Artisans Group
250New Davis Renaissance Group (NDRG)
250Tucker Runners
250Highlands Trail Foundation
250WV Trout Unlimited
Tucker Community Foundation Top Team Awards
Best Effort (based on team size & support raised)
5500WV Trout Unlimited
4750Kalie's Crew
31000Pocahonotas Senior Center
21250Belington Public Library Bookaneers
11500Philippi Public Library Bookworms
Most $$ Raised
1500Team Boulder Park
2750Challenged Athletes of WV
31000Arts Center
41250Friends of the Cheat
51500Mountaintop Readers