Oldest Registered ParticipantM100WV Highland Artisan GroupJohn Ferguson (89)
Helvetia LibraryRobert Cole (81)
F100Pell FundCaroline Pell (93)
,Tucker Boulder Park LaVerna White (90)
$100 to 2k Luck of the Draw1100Canaan Valley Ski PatrolMartina Westling
2100Tucker County Youth SoftballPamela Cassidy
3100Pocahontas County Senior CitizensPayden Kerr
4100Harman Strong / Panther Pride - Harman School Paula Teter
5100Philippi BookwormsBrenda Keller
$100 to 5k Luck of the Draw1100Kasson EaglesHarley Knotts
2100Tucker Boulder ParkJay Gartenhaus
3100Directors' General FundOlivia LaMaster
4100Friends of the CheatJeremy Sidebottom
5100West Virgina Mountain MinistriesMatthew Canon
Gold Star Awards (Discretionary)500Tucker County Youth Softball
750Oakdale Youth Group
500Garrett Trails
500Garrett Mentors
250Davis Ball Field
500West Virginia Mountain Ministries
250Friends of Blackwater
250Kingwood Stags
250Challenged AthletesDavid McDowell
250Gov Con - TED Fund
250Garrett TrailsSZB Wedding Chasers - Sara Beth James & Zach Bittinger
Best Team T-shirt300Philippi Bookworms
200Preston Community Fund Runners
100Kingwood Stags
50Preston Humane Society Team
2k Walk Only - First to Finish
Youth M1500Team HannahIssac Quattro
2250Fresh CanvasCalib Chidester
3100Oak Dale Youth GroupDustin Fridley
Youth F1500Tucker County Youth SoftballTory Paul
2250Team HannahRachel Friend
3100West Virginia Mountain MinistriesRachel Spencer
Adult M1500Eastern Mountain Young LifeBrian Zirk
2250Team HannahBilly Friend
3100Gov Con - TED FundStephen Vieno
Adult F1500Garrett MentorsHaley Gillespie
2250Team HannahJennifer Friend
3100Tucker County Youth SoftballJanelle Paul
Masters M1500Mountain Top ReadersEd Rader
2250Team HannahDick Horan
3100Team HannahAlan Rapp
Masters F1500CV VFD Auxiliary PowerDiane Beall
2250Cruisin' CrittersJoann Patterson
3100Alpine Heritage PreservationElaine George
Fastest 5k
Fastest Male 11500Heart of the Highlands Andrew Rhodes
Fastest Female11500Team HannahMarie Bolyard
2500Mountaintop ReadersLuke Fleischman
2500Alpine Heritage PreservationPatricia Walsh
3250Tucker Boulder Park John Morgan Chase
3250Fresh CanvasKerry Conroy
10 & Under Male1250Canaan Valley VFD Auxiliary PowerJack Haverty
2175Challenged AthletesTyler Anderson
3125Canaan Valley VFD Auxiliary PowerDrake Lechliter
10 & Under Female1250Mountain Laurel Learning CooperativeZanna Logar
2175Mountain Laurel Learning CooperativeRaina Logar
3125Directors' General FundOlivia LaMaster
11-14 Male1250Eastern Mountain Young LifeJon Rhodes
2175Eastern Mountain Young LifeWill White
3125Oak Dale Youth GroupColton Pumphrey
11-14 Female 1250Fresh CanvasHannah Easton
2175Belington BookaneersMackenzie Cross
3125Belington BookaneersAmber Watson
Male 15-191100Team HannahEdward Lewandoski
2100Directors' General FundTravis Brown
3100Team HannahJohn Anderson
Female 15-19 1100Eastern Mountain Young LifeNatalie Evans
2100West Virginia Mountain MinistriesMadison Arbogast
3100Eastern Mountain Young LifeEmily Bennett
Male 20-291100Tucker Boulder ParkAdam Rossi
2100Alpine Heritaage PreservationIan Beckner
3100Friends of the CheatKevin Ryan
Female 20-291100Mountain Laurel Learning CooperativeTeresa Boever
2100Directors' General FundJennifer Patton
3100Directors' General FundBritney Sheme
Male 30-391100New Historic ThomasAthey Lutz
2100Garrett TrailsBen Dougherty
3100Garrett TrailsMac Sloan
Female 30-391100Fresh CanvasSara Litzau
2100Mountaintop ReadersKristy Blackburn
3100Garrett TrailsSara-Beth James - THE BRIDE!!!!
Male 40-491100Garrett TrailsSteven Green
2100Directors' General FundChad Jones
3100Garrett TrailsDoug Baker
Female 40-491100Canaan Valley Ski PatrilChristina Raldson
2100Heart of the HighlandsSue Haywood
3100Garrett TrailsStephanie Blank
Male 50-591100Alpine Heritage PreservationMarty George
2100Tucker County Parks & RecDoug Cowgill
3100Randolph-Tucker Children's Advocacy CenterJeff Zurbaugh
Female 50-591100West Virginia Mountain MinistriesNatalie Jenkins
2100Challenged AthletesPaula Heinke
3100Randolph-Tucker Children's Advocacy CenterJill Zurbuch
Male 60-691100Garrett TrailsLarry Ferrens
2100Garrett TrailsBill Dudley
3100Tucker Boulder ParkChip Chase
Female 60-691100Garrett TrailsJemma Crowe
2100Mountaintop ReadersDeborah McHenry
3100Directors' General FundNitakay Moyers Day
Male 70-791100Directors' General FundVernon Redman
2100Directors' General FundRoger Milam
3100Heart of the HighlandsJohn Young
Female 70-791100Mountaintop ReadersAnn Miles
2100Canaan Valley VFD Auxiliary PowerSarah Fletcher
3100Team PioneerHazel Hesson
Male 80+1100Helvetia LibraryBob Cole
Female 80+1100Philippi BookwormsCaroline Allen
Best of Region Award1000WV Trout Unlimited
Proud to be Endowed with TCF Awards1100WV Highlands Artisan Group - STArt Fund
2100Tucker County EMS Fund
3100Tucker County Boulder Park project
4100Heart of the Highlands project
5100Gov Con - Tucker County Community & Economic Development Fund
6100Fresh Canvas - Dutch Easton Fund
7100Five Rivers Public Library - McClain Fund
8100EB3 - Ellis Boury III Fund
9100Deerfield 74 - Zabriskie VFD Fund
10100CV Auxiliary Power - Beall,Taylor & Snyder Fund
11100Cruisin Critters - Mountaineer Humane Society Fund
12100Cortland Challengers - Cortland Acres Association Fund
13100Billie Armstrong Fund
14100Alpine Heritage Preservation - Utterback Fund
15100Directors' General Fund
16100Team Pioneer - Pioneer Memorial Public Library Fund
17100Preston Community Fund Runners
18100After School Explorers Fund
19100Belington Bookaneers - Belington Public Library Fund
Citizens Bank of West Virginia Award
Best of Randolph / Most $$ Raised500Rowdy Readers - Russell Memorial Public Library, Mill Creek
Best of Tucker / Most $$ Raised500Fresh Canvas - Dutch Easton Fund
Barbour County Community Foundation Award
Most $$ Raised/ Sliding Scale5100Kasson Eagles
4200Freedom Marchers
3300Barbour County Health Team
2400Belington Bookaneers
1500Philippi Bookworms
Tucker County Commission Award
Best Effort Top 511000Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative
21000Mountain Top Readers
41000Team Hannah
51000Team Boulder Park
Randolph County Commission Award1000Randolph County CAC / Citizens Bank of WV
Best Effort 1000Harmon Strong Panther Pride
1000Knights of Columbus #603
1000Rowdy Readers
1000Team Pioneer
Barbour County Commission Award500Barbour County Health Team
Best Effort / Sliding Scale500Kasson Eagles
750Philippi Bookworms
750Freedom Marchers
1000Belington Bookaneers
Pocahontas County Commission Award
11250Pocahontas County Senior Citizens
21250Challenged Athletes
Preston County Commission Award
1525After School Explorers
2500Kingwood Stags
3400Preston Community Fund Runners
4400Friends of the Cheat
5400Preston County Humane Society
6400Aurora Project
Garrett County Commission Awards
1250Garrett Trails
2250Garrett Mentors
McDonough Foundation Awards
500Freedom Marchers
500Kasson Eagles
500Preston County Humane Society
500Aurora Project
500Friends of the Cheat
500Knights of Columbus #603
500WV Trout Unlimited
500Fresh Canvas
500Heart of the Highlands
500Deerfield 74 (Zabriskie CV VFD Fund)
500New Historic Thomas
500Cruisin' Critters
500CV VFD Auxiliary Power
500WV Highlands Artisan Group
500OES Walter Allstars
1000Belington Public Library Bookaneers
1000Philippi Public Library Bookworms
1000Barbour County Team Health
1000Challenged Athletes of WV
1000Pocahontas County Senior Citizens
1000After School Explorers-Preston
1000Preston Community Fund Runners
1000Team Pioneer
1000Randolph-Tucker CAC
1000Harman Strong/Panther Pride
1000Rowdy Readers
1000Team Tucker Boulder Park
1000Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative
1000Mountaintop Readers
1000Eastern Mountains Young Life
1000Five Rivers Public Library Explorers
1000Billie G. Armstrong Fund
1000Cortland Challengers
1000Alpine Heritage Preservation (AHP)
1000Tucker County EMS
1000Canaan Valley Ski Patrol
Top 12 Teams
Best Effort (based on team size & support raised)
7250Five Rivers Library
6250After School Explorers
5500Team Hannah
4500Randolph County CAC / Citizens Bank of WV
31000Mt. Top Readers
21250Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative
11500Team Boulder Park
Most $$ Raised
5500Fresh Canvas
4500Belington Bookaneers
31000Rowdy Readers
21250Philippi Bookworms
11500Challenged Athletes
DVFD300Davis Volunteer Fire Department
WVMTR300West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners