TCF Annual Reports

The idea is that we are all learning. We are all learning together. Come learn with us through our Portrait of a Community.

DOWNLOAD an ANNUAL REPORTor stop by one of the Tucker Community Foundation locations to pick up a copy in person.

Main Office
P.O. Box 491
100 Education Lane, 2nd floor
Parsons, WV 26287

Development Office
737 William Ave, Suite 1
Davis, WV 26260

Potomac Highlands Food & Farm
737 William Ave, Suite 3
Davis, WV 26260

Annual Report Archives

The Tucker Community Foundation has been creating opportunities for its community since 1989. The change is real. Take a look at TCF's annual reports, dating back to 2007, to learn more.

2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
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2013 Annual Report
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2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report